Famous Hats

Our mission at Famous Hats is to provide top-tier technology solutions and validation services to empower businesses to optimize their operations and stay ahead of the competition. Our unique screening and validation processes help our clients make informed decisions and achieve long-term success, while our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures ongoing support and expertise.

Our Value Proposition

Guaranteed Expertise: Our Thorough Vetting and Preparation Strategy

At FamousHats, we take pride in our service guarantee of only providing qualified experts who have been carefully vetted through our proprietary process. Before our consultants work with our clients, we conduct a thorough vetting process which includes behavioral assessments, critical thinking analysis, a proprietary ranking matrix, validation framework, and onboarding preparation. Our commitment to delivering top-tier expertise ensures our clients receive the best possible service and achieve their desired outcomes.

Unmatched experience.

At Famous Hats, we bring a wealth of experience to the tech industry with a team of veterans with years of hands-on experience. Our certifications, including CCIE, MCSE, and AWS, demonstrate our commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest technological developments. We specialize in Networking, Cyber Security, DevOps, Cloud, and Agile, delivering top-tier solutions that help our clients succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

What sets us apart

Committed to client success, our highly vetted consultants deliver top-tier solutions.

Behavioral Science

We recognize that cognitive biases can impact decision-making, particularly when deploying technology processes. That’s why we leverage data-driven assessments to test candidates’ hard skills and critical reasoning, removing bias and improving client outcomes.

Predictive Technology

We understand that the right people and processes drive success. Using our advanced proprietary screening AI, HatsOff, we provide detailed assessments of candidate motivations, skills, relevant experiences, and fit scores, helping our clients succeed in their processes and with their customers.


We deliver exceptional results for every assignment. Our expertise lies in working with world-class technologies such as Data Centers, Cloud, Networks, and Security, ensuring that our clients receive top-tier solutions that meet their unique needs

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